Thursday, October 29, 2015

Paid Surveys - NEW!

I cannot believe I forgot this in my last survey post. They pay out and they pay out quickly!

Opinion Outpost - They pay once you reach 100 points, at that time you can cash in for $10 in paypal cash. So basically every 10 points is worth $1. It takes no time to get to 100 points! You can also choose Amazon or Itunes as a payout method. The choice is yours! If you wish to join Opinion Outpost, please click HERE.

Paid Surveys are something you can do for some extra cash. It is not going to bring in a wage like a job would, but a few hours a week can certainly pay a small bill each month, or get you some extra spending money. I typically make about $50 in paypal money each month, and $20-$30 in Amazon gift cards.

I use the paypal funds to pay my auto insurance, and of course use the Amazon money to shop with. I usually save it through the year and use it all at Christmas time. You can add money to your Amazon account consistently, and it never expires.

I have been doing surveys online for years, and thought I would pass along the sites that are reputable, and that have paid me! If you see a survey site listed here, then I have been paid and can confirm they are legitimate. If you have other experiences with a site, please comment and let me know. No two experiences will ever be the same. Click the links to sign up for the site mentioned. If you have any questions, please ask, I am always glad to help!

Something to keep in mind when you start doing surveys online, be prepared for a flood of emails if you sign up for multiple sites. I get probably around 75 emails per day. I have message rules set up in my email to automatically put some of my surveys in a "Surveys" folder that I made in my email. This ensures I don't get a clogged inbox. I suggest making a whole new email just for surveys, that way your main email does not get clogged.

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