Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Baby Eva Update

Baby Eva continues to make steps toward home each day. At this time doctors are estimating 3 weeks before Eva comes home, it will depend on her progress. 

Mommy (Carrie Jo) is staying at Ronald McDonald house. I have confirmed they provide dinner on Tuesday evenings.  From our understanding, the staff or a community member tries to do dinner for the other evenings of the week. However that leaves 2 meals a day for Carrie.

Daddy (Layton) has not been able to go to the hospital since Monday July 11th due to not having money for gas. I have delivered the $40 raised so far, so he can finally go see his baby girl!

Times are tough for everyone, but if you can donate every penny helps. If you can't afford that we understand, and a prayer or positive thought is ALWAYS appreciated! If you happen to go to Charlottesville and can help Carrie with a meal, or anything else message her or myself on FB we can surely line something up! If you aren't comfortable donating online, gas cards could work, Daddy (Layton) could meet you at the gas pumps and it could even be done that way.

UVA also has an ecard service which can be accessed at:

We appreciate everything everyone has done so far! Keep those prayers coming, God will see to it that Eva gets home soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Baby Eva's Early Arrival!

My Cousin was 33 weeks pregnant when her baby girl decided it was time to make her debut to the outside world. Baby Eva wasn't expected until August 24th. She made her arrival earlier than expected on July 7th. She came into the world weighing 4 pounds 7.7 ounces. She has improved by leaps and bounds but still has a stay in the NICU ahead of her. Her expected stay in NICU is a minimum of two weeks up to her due date. While she receives the care she needs, Mommy & Daddy need to be as close as possible to her. Travel expenses are adding up, as well as food. They are awaiting a bed at the Ronald Mcdonald house and need funds in the interim to help them get by while being close to Eva during a crucial bonding period.

UPDATE: Little Miss Eva Faith was born to be a fighter. She is off of the CPAP. She is working on learning to to drink, suck, and breathe all at once. Last update from Mommy said that Eva has been taking 10ml of breast milk at a time! She is slowly but surely getting used to life on the outside. Her vital signs have been steady and stable. All of her major organs are functioning perfectly. She is still spending some time under the lights, which is expected with a preemie. She is down to just ONE IV! That is a huge accomplishment!

UPDATE 2: Miss Eva is working her way to graduating out of the incubator. In the meantime, the Ronald McDonald house finally had an opening for Mommy to be right there near Eva! Expenses are adding up, Daddy had to go back to work and is traveling from UVA to home to work to home. Mommy is staying in Charlottesville all the time now, and expenses are incurring there as well. Keep your eyes open for another update regarding expenses soon!

Please consider a donation to help Mommy make it day to day while there, and to help Daddy continue to get to and from work and the hospital! You can click HERE to visit the GoFundMe page.